About Our Tufting Workshop

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Tufting is like painting with yarn! Imagine using a cool tool to zap colourful loops into a canvas, creating any design your heart desires. It's perfect for beginners with no experience needed – just bring your passion and have fun!

Our all-inclusive rug-making sessions guide you step-by-step, so you can create your rug and take it home the same day! With a wide range of yarn colours to choose from and enthusiastic instructors, we make the process enjoyable for everyone.

Join us at Tadatuft Studio and discover the joy of creating your own rug!

  • Expertise

    With 5 years of experience in tufting. We understand the challenges beginners face and have distilled the simplest methods to help you master this skill quickly.

  • Community

    Tufting is more than a skill; it’s a gateway to connecting with kindred spirits. Create with friends and family, and feel a true sense of achievement.

  • Heart-crafted

    Nothing beats the warmth of a special present! Craft a personalised piece to treasure or give, leaving a heartfelt impression!